30 Day Money Back Guarantee

What happens if you buy a course and it simply wasn’t what you were expecting? Here at Skilible, courses purchased through our website are endorsed by a 30 day money back guarantee. This policy is in place to ensure students who begin a course and are not satisfied (for any reason) can get a full refund.

To ask for a refund, click the help button in the footer and tell us:

- the course name
- your purchase order number
- why you would like a refund

Please allow up to one week for the refund to process.

Our 30 day money back guarantee has some limitations:

If the course was completed or the content was downloaded before the refund was requested, the refund will be rejected.

Students who abuse this policy will have their Skilible account subject to suspension.

We do NOT offer refunds for courses after the 30 day refund period

Our refund policy is in place to protect both students and instructors, alike. For this reason, we do not allow refunds beyond the 30 day period for any reason.