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Skilible is designed to be simple for anyone to use. YOU spend your time creating the best content for your audience—WE upload that content and market it for you.
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You create an educational course and send the course content to our team.

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We upload your course to the Skilible platform and take care of hosting, signups, and payments.

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We launch a marketing campaign, sending highly targeted traffic to your Skilible sales page.

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You collect your profits, review your stats, and your course sales roll in.

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Make the jump from expert to instructor. You decide what you teach, so take the time to brainstorm. Find the perfect balance of your skill and student demand.

Visit the Skilible Marketplace to see what others are teaching.



Create your course videos or ebook. Use Skilible University and read our blogs on how to create the best educational products.

Make sure your course adheres to the Skilible Quality Checklist.

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Submit For Review

Send us test videos, your ebook, or course content. Our team will review your product and get back to you ASAP with our review.



Let Skilible do the work for you. The Skilible team will upload your course to our website. Yes, you read that right - we take the time to set up your entire backend. Once your course is uploaded to Skilible, we create promotional campaigns for you, sending targeted traffic directly to your course.

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Sit back, check your stats, and watch the deposits from your online course sales hit your bank account.