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How To: Record a Screencast Using Camtasia or ScreenFlow

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A screencast, also known as video screen capture, is a video recording of the activities on your computer screen that may or may not contain an audio background with you as the narrator. It is a great tool for creating and promoting online courses, since it requires little to no start-up cost for high quality video resolution, and looks very professional. A screencast may contain slideshows or full motion presentations. You can easily highlight the most significant contents in arrows or circles. Screencasts have numerous benefits when it comes to promoting and creating online courses. As long as you’re familiar with what you’re teaching, each lesson takes only as long to record as it takes you to talk about it and demonstrate it on your computer. When it comes to promoting your product, screen casting makes it easy to create video sales letters, which many find easier to create than long-form copy (and just as persuasive!) Coupled with a good quality audio recording (which can also be done for free or cheap), a screen capture looks and sounds expensive (even though it’s not!) and high quality, which positions you and your brand as “premium” You can choose from a lot...

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