How to Get Quality Backlinks to Your Course

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Using backlinks is a great and effective way not only to publicize your page but also to climb to the upper ranks of search engines. This article will explain what a backlink is, the benefits of using backlinks, and some strategies to get backlinks in place for your courses.

First Things First: What are Backlinks?

Also called inbound links or incoming links, backlinks refer to the links that are directed to your page or website. For example, suppose that you wrote a particular course, and another user read and found it helpful and decided to write a blog post about it. When the user links her page to your page, then the user’s post becomes one of your backlinks. The more backlinks you have, the more clout that search engines like Google give to your page.

Why Backlinks are Important

There are two main reasons why the use of backlinks. First, backlinks can be used to publicize your page. Your backlinks make sure that the link to your page is being spread so more people can find it and be able to visit it.

The second reason is connected to search engines. Originally, backlinks were significant because they were mainly used to navigate the web, but nowadays, they are important for their role in search engine optimization (SEO). This is because search engines calculate the relevance of a particular website or page based on the number of its quality incoming links.

By quality backlinks, it is meant that search engines look at whether or not your backlinks are related to your content. The more related to your original post a backlink is, the higher its quality is. The better the quality of a backlink, the more relevant your page for the search engines. To understand this better, suppose you wrote a course about pricing. If your backlinks include pages about starting a business or economics, then it is most likely that you are getting positive backlinks that make your page relevant for the searches, compared to getting linked by say a website of movie reviews.

Search engines, however, make sure that the backlinks they count as good quality are developed over time rather than rushed. Trying to get into the upper spots of search engines has also become more difficult at present. These happened because many webmasters have developed various cheats that enable them to shortcut the backlinking process, such as the use of link farms that automatically generate pages to count as inbound links for their page, or hidden links. The use of such techniques are highly discouraged because search engines have not only learned to ignore backlinks acquired from such ways, but they may also ban your page completely. This is why it is better to build your backlinks organically and gradually. This seems more natural, which the search engines prefer, rather than getting a thousand links overnight.

Backlinking Strategies

There are many ways you can try to earn more backlinks for your page. Some people resort to paying for it by hiring SEO firms or other writers or bloggers to write about their page. The problem here is that it is costly, and the other techniques that SEO firms use may not be acceptable for the search engines, leading to a drop in the search spots or ultimately, getting banned.

Besides, there are better strategies that you may take up in order to get inbound links without spending money on it. Aside from the fact that they save you some money, these manual alternatives are also preferred by search engines. For one, you can really make an effort to make the content of your course excellent so that writers, bloggers, and other pages are naturally motivated to promote your pages. This is perhaps the fairest way to do it, but it might not be enough if your page is not that well-publicized. What might help, however, is if you attempt to reach out to other writers, bloggers, and webmasters related to your content to write about your page. There are many who would do it for free so long as your page actually has good content. Also, try to get a backlink from an authority site such as Ezine Articles and Hubpages, as the “quality over quantity” rule applies as much to the search engines as it does in most other areas of life.

It might also be a big help to you if you participate in forums and Q&A’s such as Yahoo Answers and Quora, and comment on posts that are relevant to your page, but make sure that each post is well-thought-of to attract people to go to your page. You may also consider making videos about your page to post on YouTube, Vimeo, or Dailymotion as a way to market your page and install backlinks simultaneously.

Update Your Strategy Regularly

Search engines, especially Google, change their basis for SEO regularly to block the deceptive techniques that some webmasters make use of. This is why it is vital that you still continue to read newer techniques and update yours based on the newest rules of SEO. Even if you manage to get the top spot for a particular search, remember that you must still make an effort to keep competitors from pushing your page further down in rankings.

While it may seem like a foreign concept at first, getting back links to your page is simple, helpful, and happens organically so long as you are reaching out to other experts in your field such as podcasters and bloggers. Send an email today to see if you can get a guest post or podcast interview scheduled and you will be well on your way!

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